Science, Engineering & Manufacturing - hands on training in any language

Customers, vendors and employees speak different languages.  We help with information flow throughout your entire organization using our proven training manuals, electronic documentation, compliance metrics & testing measurements.  Our experience includes the development of:

Quarterly and routine maintenance manuals

Hydraulic, Pneumatic, PLC & (240, 120, 12 v) Motors training modules

Manufacturing training materials for food & pharmaceuticals plants

Photographic process control modules


The spoken word

We specialize in simultaneous, exact interpretations from one language to another.  The essence of communication is clarity in meaning and inflection.  As a professional interpretation services firm, we deliver your message to meet the specific needs of your audience. The current business environment requires you to identify and maximize new markets with international awareness, network with very diverse clientele, and to enhance your language & international image. You need a strong, experienced & reliable interpretation partner to share your unique message within the following services:

Medical appointments & Procedures 

Legal depositions and court services

Conference interpretation services

Manufacturing industry interpretation 

‚ÄčFocus group market research & consulting services


The written word

When you write a sales agreement, contract, letter to a customer or an employee manual, you need it to clearly spell out your meaning in any language, not just in perfect English.  We are a cost effective translation service provider with language expertise on precise word selection bi-directionally;  English to/from your target language.  We consult on the true meaning of words which satisfy a wide range of complex and highly demanding requirements, including but not limited to:

Complete translation services in all file/software formats

Legal, medical, science, technology, electrical & manufacturing translations

Document, brochures and marketing translations

Product, instruction manuals & website translations